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Discussion created by jaykappy on Sep 28, 2012
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Trying to wrap my head around this and what needs to be set up.  We work with a 3rd party that has our SDE and has a couple Silverlight apps...albeit all within out firewalls...I also have an internal silverlight app

I want to take an android tablet and go to the field and edit the SDE data live.
I could use the Android SDK and create an app for the tablet/phone

From outside the Firewall:
But what needs to happen in regards to the data itself (SDE)
How am I establishing security?
How am I serving up the FC to access from the application?
How to I bridge the gap from the Android Tablet, through the firewall to access and edit the SDE data?
How do I make the service avaliable to the outside world, but control who sees it

THe 3rd party has a web server sitting in the DMZ but how do we authenticate? Can we set up User name and logins?
Are their additional software/hardware requirements to do this?

Any help understanding the whole picture and security would be greatly appreciated.