Packaging succeeded, but publishing failed and IP addresses confusion

Discussion created by BartlettGIS on Sep 27, 2012
I have been able to publish services without any problems until this morning.  I keep getting the above error.  When I go to the geoprocessing window, the UploadServiceDefinition is shown and I get Error 000732  Service Definition Dataset <myfilename>.sd   does not exist or is not supported.

We are also having a problem with our IP address.  The IP and amazon url are listed on my remote desktop, but I am only able to connect using the amazon url.  I spoke with ESRI tech support and then gave me a different IP to use-they said the other one is misconfigured.  This IP shows all my services on the amazon server and I was able to connect to it through ArcMap but its not the one that I log into through the remote desktop.  Anyone else have this odd situation?