snapping in custom tools (ArcGIS Engine

Discussion created by atomaly on Sep 26, 2012
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I'm kindof new to ArcObjects development but i'm working in the ArcGIS Engine environment ( and
trying to create a custom tool with snapping. currently having a problem getting the snapping extension..

in the documentation it says to use IHookHelper2    -> however I don't seem to be able to CAST the hook into the IHookHelper2..
comes back with a null...

m_hookHelper2 = (IHookHelper2)hook;   <- does not work...

I also tried to get the IApplication / mapDocument from the hook... which also did not work :(

(this is the documentation code..... need to know where / how to get the m_hookHelper2)

IExtensionManager extensionManager = m_hookHelper2.ExtensionManager;
if (extensionManager != null)
    UID guid = new UIDClass();
    guid.Value = "{E07B4C52-C894-4558-B8D4-D4050018D1DA}"; //Snapping extension.
    IExtension extension = extensionManager.FindExtension(guid);
    m_SnappingEnvironment = extension as ISnappingEnvironment;