This control requires an ArcGIS Engine Developer kit license

Discussion created by mike_DeepEnd on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by gkmorales
I have a Visual Studio 2010 application that incorporates an ArcObjects Viewer class (DLL) and I am using ClickOnce deployment for the application.  I have on the development/application server a license for ArcInfo and ArcGIS Engine Runtime and ArcGIS Runtime Dev Kit Version 10.0.  The application runs fine on the development server.  The license control is set to use Engine or ArcInfo. 

When a user runs the application on another system that only has ArcInfo licensed, I get the following error:

"This control requires an ArcGIS Engine Developer kit license.
Please contact ESRI to acquire the correct license."

then this error:

"is not authorized for use.  Access the ArcGIS Administrator.
Click on the product folder on the left (e.g. Desktop), then select the Single
Use Product you will be using and click the Authorize Now button.  If you
have already received an authorization file from ESRI and am now ready to finish
the authorization process."

Does anyone know why I get this error and how to fix it?