Popup In Web Map For Viewing Sample

Discussion created by Hochstrate on Sep 26, 2012

I followed the ESRI example and when I initialize the mapview by

map = (MapView)findViewById(R.id.map);
map.addLayer(new com.esri.android.map.ags.ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer( "http://<myServer>/ArcGIS/rest/services/android/MapServer"));

it works fine and I can see the map on my mobile tablet, but I've got no popup-Info, because the popupinfo is stored in the webmap.

Thus I followed the instructions "Publishing Maps to your ArcGIS Server" and extracted and stored the json of the webmap on our server.

Now I initalize the mapView in my Android application by

map = new MapView(this, "http://<myServer>/ArcGIS/Mobile/Content/items/ca2a3d910dc048b4ba17218ade3cdd9a", "", "");

But this fails with the following message:

09-26 16:10:34.491: E/ArcGIS(9441): Can not init the MapView from the given WebMap
09-26 16:10:34.491: E/ArcGIS(9441): com.esri.core.io.EsriServiceException: Not Found

I don't know what's wrong. Any ideas?

If I enter the URL of the content server http://<myServer>/ArcGIS/Mobile/Content/items into my mobile web browser it shows, that my device has access to the hosted map content.