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Discussion created by ammontesuc3m on Sep 24, 2012
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I'm trying trial-30-days ArcGis 2.4 WPF  with .Net 4. I'm doing a demostration programe.
I want to add a local layer over a map. I used this xmal code:

<esri:Map x:Name="MyMap" >
    <esri:ArcGISLocalDynamicMapServiceLayer ID="Local Data" Path="C:\Data\World.mpk" />

But, it doesn't work. I can't use ArcGISLocalDynamicMapServiceLayer only I can use ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer.
Does anyone help me?
I try to find a ESRI.Arcgis.client.local for 4.NET and arcgis 2.4... Can I use this with a trial version?