Routing in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android

Discussion created by vince_awino on Sep 24, 2012
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I'm creating a multimodal network that consist of bus routes, bus stops and pedestrian navigation. I want a user to query (within an android GUI) for the nearest bus-stop (with respect to his/her current location) having a bus that follows the route to his/her final destination. the result he/she gets should be a route map showing the route he/she should walk to get to the nearest bus-stop (with a bus that goes to his/her destination) and the route the bus will take to get to its destination. the app should also take into account change overs in case the commuter would have to change buses in order to get to his/her destination.

The current location of the user will be given via GPS, or the wireless network or the user may enter his/her current location manually with respect to the name of the nearest building that he/she is at.

What is the best way to achieve this on android using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android?. Is there a sample code that i could use to help me achieve this? thanks for your help