Custom Feature Inspector: Is it possible?

Discussion created by qkorbulic on Sep 20, 2012

My goal is to create a custom feature inspector that only works with certain feature classes but does not require a class extension. The reason I cannot use class extensions is because all data is stored in a large multiuser SDE (oracle) database and the datasets are locked frequently which prevents addition of the class extension.

So I want to create a custom Feature Inspector without having to reinvent the wheel, i.e., it seems like I should be able to co-opt the standard feature inspector methods (such as inspect) in my own dockable window, and initiated from my own toolbar and command. At this point however, it seems that everything associated with the feature inspector wants to go through the editor and standard feature inspector.

The second goal, if the custom feature inspector is possible, is to have a similar setup to ESRI's tabbed feature inspector sample. With the first tab showing the standard grid of a feature's attributes and the second tab showing only a subset of attributes. Any recommendations on how I would display and edit the subset of attributes for a single feature (datagridview, listview, listbox)? 

Any help would be appreciated.