Value Table with dynamic filter list for each item (Feature Layer). 10.1

Discussion created by gtraber on Sep 18, 2012
I am trying to make a python toolbox in 10.1 and have a requirement to allow the user to select a number of input feature layers (number is arbitrary), and then choose one field from each selected input feature layer.  I am trying to do this with a value table.  The list of feature layers works just fine, but I can not figure out how to tell the toolbox to use the fields from the selected feature layer as the options in the second column. 

1) I want to know if this is even possible, or if I need to solve the problem in a different way.
2) If there are any pointers or examples that anyone out there has on this I would appreciate them very much as the documentation discusses value tables, and discusses linking field input with a feature layer/class input via parameter dependancies, but not the combination of the two.