Access to Feature Data Attribute Table via an ArcGIS for Server 10.1 service

Discussion created by sinky on Sep 14, 2012
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Is there a service type in ArcGIS for server 10.1 that will allow an end user to access the attribute table of feature data? (via REST URL)

Looking at other forums from older ArcGIS versions, people have said that this should be possible by enabling Feature Access or WFS on a map service.  This didn't work for me.

Here's my setup:
Start with a single shapefile and import it into a registered sde geodatabase as an SDE Feature Class. 
Add that feature class to a layer in a map document. 
Publish a map service from ArcMap and enable Feature Access and WFS.

When I add Feature Access, both a Map Service and a Feature Service are automatically generated.  When a client machine accesses my service via my REST URL, they can see a link to open the Map Service in ArcMap but they don't have an ArcMap link for the Feature Service; I am assuming that the feature service is somehow linked to the Map Service and that if they open the Map Service link the Feature Service should somehow be included?  Anyway, if they open the ArcMap link of the Map Service the service will open in ArcMap but when they right-click the layer they do not see any options for accessing the attribute table. 

Is what I am trying to accomplish possible?  Thanks for much in advance for any help you can provide.