LINQ to ArcObjects

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Due to lack of time I decided to offer the code for all interested persons.

Linq2ArcObjects contains a LINQ-provider for feature cursors and sets. It allows you to use LINQ-style and lambda syntax for accessing features.

One simple LINQ sample to get all features with an area above a threshold of 3000:

var largeFeatures =
    from feature in features
    where (feature.GetValue("SHAPE_Area").ToDouble() > 3000)
    select feature;

The same with a lambda expression:

var largeFeatures =
    features.Where(feature => 
        (feature.GetValue("SHAPE_Area").ToDouble() > 3000));

This prototype has also some unit test to show you the usage of the constructs.

The whole documentation you could read in my blog.
And the source code is here.

Have fun ...