Layer uses an unsupported renderer

Discussion created by AHargreaves-esristaff Employee on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by hiattwithani
I am trying to publish an MXD that displays meters using 2 attributes: [Connection Size] and [Status].
This allows me to display all meters like below:
Blue dot: Size=1 Status=Yes
Blue X: Size=1 Status=No
Red dot: Size=2 Status=Yes
Red X: Size=2 Status=No
Green dot: Size=3 Status=Yes
Green X: Size=3 Status=No

However I am receiving error 00085: Layer uses an unsupported renderer due to the fact my one layer is symbolized using 'Unique Values & Many Fields'. Basically, if I want to show points by 2 attributes i see only three options:
1. Symbolize by 'Unique Values & Many Fields' - result: can't publish MXD
2. Have 2 layers, with definition queries limiting display of info to either Status=Yes or Status=No - result: secure map services with a definition query can't be queried. Big problem for me.
3. Have 2 layers, no definition queries, top symbol obscuring the one below - result: 2 recorded points at that location

If anyone has other thoughts, please let me know.