Calculating point density within a buffer

Discussion created by foreverblue06 on Sep 6, 2012
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Hello all,

I'm relatively new to density analysis in ArcGIS, so this may be a simple question, but here it goes.

I'm trying to calculate the density of businesses within a 1-mile buffer of my study participants. I have point layers for both the businesses and participants. I used the Point Density tool to calculate the density of businesses with the following settings:

Output cell size: 100m
Neighborhood: Circle
Radius: 1609 map units (my map units are in meters)
Area units: Square miles

Now that I have a density raster, how do I go about determining the densities within a mile of my participants? Am I correct in my interpretation that the value of the cells that coincide with my participant points are the values I'm looking for?

Thanks very much for any direction you can provide!