Predicting values for polygons

Discussion created by nadyanadya on Sep 6, 2012
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Hello all,

Hope somebody can help me.
I performed the interpolation (kriging) and got a geostatistical layer. Then I am using this method
Predicting values for specified locations
When I set polygons as my specific locations I have the output with predicted values for each polygon in the attribute table. But when I
select point locations at centers of the polygons, the predicted values are different.
My question is: how ArcGIS predicts values for polygons? Any literature about this?
Before I found this way, I was going to produce a grid with very small cells and then calculate average values of cells falling inside each polygon, but it is very time and memory consuming. But for using Predicting for locations I need to know exactly what is the method behind.

I appreciate your answers!