idw or kriging? why use one rather the other

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I am an Italian student of a Master in G.I.S. and remote sensing: I am going to discuss the thesis in 1 month and I'd like to know one important thing: because I am an agronomist, my thesis subject is one study case on precision farming, and I have to talk about why I have to use idw rather kriging, to interpolate many points about crop yield and tractor speed. In which case would you use idw rather kriging or vice versa? I'd like to attach my starting data, to let you understand what is better for my case, but the maximum extent of file attachments is too little in this forum. If somebody can give me an email address, I will send to him my data, if it is necessary. One of my professors adviced me to use idw, and I have used this tecnique for several data, but I have found much literature about precision farming where is used kriging.
Because I have to use only one interpolation tecnique, idw or kriging, I'd like to know which is better to use in my case and why, please.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you, as soon as possible, please.
Thank you
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