Upload vector dataset and show it on flex viewer

Discussion created by gprocino on Sep 5, 2012
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Dear all,
I am developing an enterprise SDI with:
- ArcSDE 10 on Postgresql 8.4
- ArcGis Server 10 with data interoperability extention
- Flex Viewer

In my flex viewer I want to develop a tool where users can upload their local data (shapefile, dwg etc..) and show them on a Flex map viewer.

I know that ArcGIS 10.1 has new features as upload and dynamic layers, but I need to develop my SDI using ARCGIS 10.0 version.

How I could develop such a tool?

I am thinking on the following logical steps:
1- to create a tool for upload data on server
2- to create a tool in py for import data in arcsde
3- to show new data on map in flexviewer

My questions are:
How I can show data on map?
Can Geoprocessing Service support me to develop this feature?
How Data Interoperability Extention on ArcGIS Server can support me in importing new dataset via the web?
Is there somebody who has developed similar functionality? Are there another ways for to develop this functionality?

Thaks in advance.
Giuseppe P.