Adding tool to toolBar in ArcEngine is failing on 64 bit deployment

Discussion created by tomas1 on Sep 4, 2012
Our group is encountering an 'unknown error' in one of our ArcEngine applications on a Windows7 64 bit machine when the application attempts to add a custom built tool to a tool bar.

We commented out the adding of this particular tool, only to have it fail when it tries to add the subsequent custom tool. The same application runs cleanly on a 32 bit processor.

We have the correct cpu target set to x86 in the solution and it builds successfully.

We have a number of things to consider regarding the failing applications's solution environment (Visual Studio 2010)

- Mixed Framework:

                The soulution contains a 5 projects, 4 of which are relying on the .NET framework 2.0, while the actual executable project resides in .NET 3.5.

                Thinking this might be the culprit, We changed the target framework back to 2.0 for the executable so everything was consistent and still encountered the error.

- Mixed Languages

                The offending application's executable project is written in v.b. net, while the associated projects in the application are written in C#.  We have been

                using this configuration for years with no problem. The ArcEngine application that is working cleanly is written entirely in C#.

Any assistance or insight would be greatly appreciated.