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Using SearchCursor with UpdateCursor

Question asked by MCusumano on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by MCusumano
Hello, I'm trying to use an UpdateCursor inside of a SearchCursor to populate sequence numbers on an inspection table according to a parcitular UserID. Basically the SearchCursor iterates through a small table with a list of about 29 user ID's (the table changes over time) and uses the values in the where_clause of the updatecursor.

The UpdateCursor sorts the order of the input table based on a structure number and populates the sequences from 1 to 0. Here is the code I have tried:

techrows = arcpy.SearchCursor(psegGasGDB_InputPrefix + "ASSIGNED_TECHS")  for row in techrows:      if TechID != row.ASSIGNED_USER:          TechID = row.ASSIGNED_USER         where_clause = "ASSIGNED_USER = " + TechID         rows = arcpy.UpdateCursor(CONVERSION_InputPrefix + "CPTestPointInspection", where_clause, "SEQ_NO; GAS_CORR_STRUCT_NO", "GAS_CORR_STRUCT_NO")          for row in rows:              try:                        print row                        stop = 1                        row.SetValue("SEQ_NO", stop)                         stop = stop + 1               except Exception as e:                   print e                   logging.error(": %s" %(e))          del rows     del techrows 

But this gives an "Error 999999: Index passed was not within the valid range". Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...