Project layer with custom projection

Discussion created by purid on Aug 29, 2012
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My ultimate goal is to know UTM and UTM Northing and Easting. The data can be anywhere in North america. I calculated UTM using arcpy tool (arcpy.CalculateUTMZone_cartography) and I tried to truncate the value (e.g.'17') to Project_management as part of Output coordinate string but so far no luck. Please advise. I can run the code below in shell but whole MXD collapsed when I try to run in a model.


The code is here:
    arcpy.CalculateUTMZone_cartography(outPointSHP, "UTM")
    pointUTM= arcpy.SearchCursor(outPointSHP)
    for row in pointUTM:
        UTM_var= str(row.getValue('UTM'))[30:32]
    del pointUTM
    out_coordinate_system = os.path.join(connectionPath+'/', r"projections/NAD1983/NAD 1983 UTM Zone "+UTM_var+"N.prj")

    arcpy.Project_management(outPointSHP, projPointSHP, out_coordinate_system)