How to use st_geometry functions inside query statements in

Discussion created by mail2vajram on Aug 28, 2012
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I have ArcSDE 10 and Oracle 11g installed on my Windows server 2003. And i am trying to query tables having st_geoemtry columns.and i have got the results when i am querying from SQL Developer, and queries are working fine. But when i am trying to access and filling into DataSet in c# using ADO.NET it is throwing exception like "Un supported data format" for st_geometry column.
and i want to write a webservice which having the capability to query ArcSDE (Oracle) by sql statements contains st_geometry operations.

Actually my main objective is querying oracle (ArcSDE) using asmx webservice(c#). If any body have any idea over this please share with me or at least some suggestions.

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