DDP query various data with a custom wizard.

Discussion created by goodmanp10 on Aug 28, 2012
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Our office is developing a fairly large parcel index and the people who will be using this information are mostly:
1: Not regular Arc View users.
2: Need information quickly.
3: Be able to pull different information without having to go through long winded or difficult queries.

What we have developed so far:

Data driven pages that show individual lots with all necessary data shown. (owner, address, legal disc., Lat Long, etc.). Ancillary data such as legends, North arrows etc. are added in.

The maps will display each and every single lot separately in a pre-formatted .mxd that is printable. The background data is Read-only to prevent overwrites or inadvertent edits.

Each parcel is easily viewed by simply inputting the key value in the "Page Name" attribute of the DDP command bar which is directly linked to the key attribute in the data table.

The problem comes in that many of the parcels we index have missing key data (most �??fake numbers�?� are typically 0). So to find various parcels, the assessors, field techs and most everyone else who is NOT a mapper, uses various means to find that data. Including the above listed attributes and inputting owner names, Situs addresses, etc.
But, the DDP system only allows for a singular query from only the DDP command bar.
So, is there a way to set up a query wizard, or some other means of say a window or radio button of some kind where the address data, account number, owner, Lat/Long or any other data could be entered for a query and the DDP can then query that data and display the lot as normal?

Thank you in advance.