memory utilization with ArcGIS Server 10.1 - request for recommendations

Discussion created by artullman on Aug 24, 2012
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I am trying to understand how memory is allocated with 10.1 running in a Windows 2008 environment.  I installed 10.1 on a Virtual Machine with 4GB of RAM.  We were using 90% of available memory and I started having issues with services crashing.  I bumped memory to 16GB of RAM and have not had any issues with services crashing, but I am at 90% memory utilization again.  I am using default heap settings.  We are currently running a single instance/machine (no clusters).  We have not worked out our load balancing configure yet.  I have the following questions:

1. Will ArcGIS Server try to allocate X% of the memory on the system?  If so, what percent is normal?
2. How much memory should I expect to consume for each service/process?  I am running low isolation with minimum instance of 1 and max of 4.
3. What are the recommendations for setting the HEAP allocations?
4. Alot of our services use Query Layers.  Does that change anything in regard to tuning or memory allocation?

I am planning on doing to load testing, but would like a better understanding of memory utilization for 10.1.  We are trying to plan and design a stack for our production environment and are trying to understand memory utilization with the new ArcGIS Server.


Art Ullman