Trouble With Form Display...

Discussion created by rkoc on May 19, 2010
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I am having trouble doing something which I would have thought to be pretty straight forward.

I have a form (frmUpdate) which I cannot get to display. I want the form to show when the user selects a particular item from a custom menu.

I can get a msgbox to display when the user clicks on the menu item, but the subsequent call to show the form does nothing.

Any thoughts? I am using VB.Net, VS2008, ArcMap 9.3.1

Public Overrides Sub OnClick()

        MsgBox("ping!") ' this is working so I know the code is getting this far

        'Dim form As frmUpdate = New frmUpdate() ' tried this and it didn't work 
        Dim form As frmUpdate
        form = New frmUpdate()
        form.Show()             ' nothing happens

End Sub

Regards. Rob.