Stand-Alone Python Script to recognize tables

Discussion created by cynthiak on Aug 23, 2012
I am still new to learning Python, but I am trying to write a stand alone python script that will run once a week on a schedule. So far, the script does a MySql connection, queries data, does some stats and produces a final table.  I've been waiting for the ExportReport to come out in 10.1, so that the table can be loaded into an existing report layout file and a pdf created.  I can get the script to run perfectly within an ArcMap document, but I can't get it to run as a stand-alone.  It keeps bailing out when trying to located the <report_source> (my final table) in the ExportReport syntax.  How do you code it, so that python can see the table?  I haven't even been successful in getting a stand-alone python script to load a table into an existing map document.  Any ideas????  Thank you!!