ArcMap Add-in Configuration Problem

Discussion created by f.aljabi-openware-com-kw-esridist on Aug 22, 2012
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I developed an extension on ArcMap using several add-ins (Buttons, Combo, Toolbars, DockableWindow, etc). In my application there are configurations to be stored and edited by the end user.

I was able to read and write to the app.config of the Add-in, however, every time I close and open (Restart) the ArcMap, the configuration is overridden by the values when the solution was released (complied). I used a custom configuration file (CustomConfig.xml) and I faced the same behavior.

Any ideas how to preserve user values for the configuration? and what is the best practice to achieve such goal?

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Fadi Al-Jabi
OpenWare - Kuwait.