How to Load FeatureClass in ArcMap with Python

Discussion created by angelcardenasupsp on Aug 18, 2012
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I am making an application for ArcGIS 10 in which auto-load features and can process, the form the QtDesinger do with the coding I'm doing it with eclipse, and I want to run everything within the ArcMap ...
I have some doubts

1. - As I make a shortcut from ArcMap to this application, something like a toolbox of a button
2. - how to load featureclass from form with python?
3. - Any tutorials on these topics somewhat advanced geoprocessing, I extract the coordinates of some features, add features (polygons), see if one of them overlaps with other ...

I had all this in VBA but it turns out that in future versions crrera not, because the ESRI will not support VBA, then do it again after python ...

thank you very much in advance for your answers and help ..

excuse the bad language, but I speak Spanish
Angel Cardenas H.