DataStatistics Interface and System.Collection.IEnumerator

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Hi All,
The code below retrieves attributes from a shapefile and attempts to put them into a combobox. 
The majority of the code works fine, but towards the end, where the "value" object is declared is where things go wrong.  The pEnumVar should be returning the next value in the row it's looking at, but instead it gets a Boolean value (True or False).  It would be great if someone could post some feedback regarding this issue.
Thanks for your time,
Ruchira Welikala

 Public Sub Sort_Unique(ByVal pLayer As IFeatureLayer, ByVal fieldname As String, ByVal condition As IQueryFilter)

        Dim pTable As ITable
        Dim pTableSort As ITableSort
        Dim sFieldName As String = fieldname
        Dim pCursor As ICursor

        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To pMap.LayerCount - 1
            If pMap.Layer(i).Name = "Lots Improved" Then
                pLayer = pMap.Layer(i)
                ' pWellLayer = pLayer
            End If

        ' Gets the attribute table from the passed layer
        pTable = pLayer.FeatureClass

        ' This example sorts the specificed field name
        pTableSort = New TableSort
        With pTableSort
            .Fields = sFieldName
            .Ascending(sFieldName) = True
            .Table = pTable
        End With

        ' sort the table

        ' Loop through sorted records and add to a listbox
        pCursor = pTableSort.Rows

        Dim pData As IDataStatistics
        pData = New DataStatistics
        pData.Field = fieldname
        pCursor = pLayer.Search(condition, False)
        pData.Cursor = pCursor
        Dim pEnumVar As System.Collections.IEnumerator
        Dim value As Object

        pEnumVar = pData.UniqueValues
        value = pEnumVar.MoveNext

        For i = 0 To pData.UniqueValueCount - 1
            value = pEnumVar.MoveNext
End Sub