ArcGIS Server local account

Discussion created by hammadem on Jul 31, 2012
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Good day,

we have installed our ArcGIS sever on a new server (X) that is not attached to IMAGE storage (Y) [15 TB]. the storage is attached to another server. only way to access it is to use UNC \\serverABC\Y

as we are publising images throug mosaic datasets, at certain levels when you zoom in the image it gets a black overview. this we faced before and we resolved by granting view access on the folder containing all the images composing the mosaic datasets to ArcGIS server local account.

we need ArcGIS Server local account that was created upon installation on X to be able to view images stored on storage Y. However, this cannot be done as local accounts in windows cannot operate on the domain network.

so we figured that we need to create a generic account on the domain and have that account run ArcGIS server services instead of the locally created one. this is done by going to windows services and then change the log on as value to the new generic account.

all of this is still in theory, i am not aware of the impact on any other capability/component/function of that change. in addition, i would like to have a undo plan where i reset everything back, however i am not aware of the default ArcGIS Server local account called "arcgis"

if anyone of you have an insight of an alternative way to get image services running correctly or know the default password for arcgis local account please share