Where is the location for Add-in Configuration settings?

Discussion created by ryan.sutcliffe on Jul 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by ldonahue
I am developing an an Add-In for ArcMap using VB that makes use of user application settings. This way the user can add their own file paths via the configuration file ([my addin name].dll.config). I'm pretty new to VB development but I've got it working fine happily. What is still perplexing me is where to find the updated configuration file. I've built the application and updated the file path. It saves and returns the updated values even after I close and reopen ArcMap.

I looked at the .dll.config file under the add-ins assembly cache here:

And the .dll.config file in the .esriAddin file here:

Yet, both still show the old settings. Where are my new file path values being saved? It would be good to know this just so that I can swap in different settings without having to manually type them in via my add-in form in ArcMap.

- Ryan