Modify ArcGIS Server Mapservice Properties

Discussion created by mvolz47 on Jul 26, 2012
To All ArcGIS Server and Python Users:

I have been working with generating and updating caches in v10.  I have found that if I create a cache with 6 instances, I can generate a county wide cache of a complex vector cache in about 45 minutes.  For maximum performance while in use with a web application, I reduce the instances to 1 minimum and 2 maximum.  As such, when I update this cache in areas that have changed over the past 3 months, it takes over 2 hours since I am now only using 2 instances even though the entire cache is not being regenerated.

I would like to be able to use python in a scheduled task to stop the mapservice, change the minimum and maximum instances to 5 and 6, start the mapservice again and then just regenerate the cache since it is quicker than updating only specific areas (In addition, the python code to regenerate an entire cache is much simpler than the code to trap the areas where layers in the mapservice have changed since the last cache).  Once the cache is regenerated, I would then stop the service again, change the minimum and maximum instances to 1 and 2, and start the mapservice again.

Is this functionality available for python with ArcMap v10.0?