Basic VB or Python help needed

Discussion created by tud_water on Jul 24, 2012
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I have 2 tasks for which I cannot find the right syntax and really would like some help

First I have a column with strings and I need to calculate how many characters are in each string and put that number in my field_len column. Sounds simple - and sad to say, I did it once but cannot pull it out of my hat again.:cool:
(There are two of these counts and when I ran another calculation on a separate field, the numbers switched ie: in a field where most values were 14 they are now 10 and the field where the values should and used to be mostly 10, they are now 14.) So I just want to run the character counts again.

Second, I have a column (string) which I need to take the 1st 10 characters and copy over to another field - actually, did this once as well but it left over 1000 blank - for no discernible reason. Copy and pasting these one by one is gonna take forever.

Any help or directions are greatly appreciated. I can usually find my way through Python or VB but I just can't get there on this.