Arcpy MakeGraph Problem

Discussion created by kjslover on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2012 by kimo
I am trying to write python code that will loop over feature datasets in an FGDB and create a graph for each.  The code runs through the first feature dataset fine with no problems and creates the graph.  The second feature dataset gives me the error:

  ERROR 001020: Input series error.  incompatible parameter list.
  Click 'Always reset parameters...' check box to reset parameters.

I have double/triple/quadrupled checked to make sure the right fields were in the feature dataset, so don't think this is the problem.
I have created temporary template file (.tee) for each datasource trying to work my way around this, but that does not work.

The problem I am running into is there is no way to "check a box" within Arcpy.  Any thoughts?  I need to stay in the Arcpy world for distribution sake..

Thanks in advance