Export error for DDP

Discussion created by pmcatnip on Jul 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by pmcatnip
I've got a simple data driven pages setup with 3,300 pages.  There are no scripts involved.  I only want to export the pages with recent changes, but when I try I get "An unexpected error occurred while trying to export the map."  It only happens when I tell it to export selected pages.  Exporting the current page or page numbers works.

I've gone through this page and made sure everything is ok (except the temp settings--the instructions are too sparse).  I've gone through the export settings and the export quality, resolution, layer/georeference info, etc don't affect it.  The only thing that matters is telling it to export the selected pages.

This is in ArcMap 10 SP4 on Windows XP.  What else should I do?