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I've made some changes to the python script below and I keep getting an error that says:

Executing: Script
Start Time: Sun Jul 22 16:28:51 2012
Running script Script...
<type 'exceptions.SyntaxError'>: invalid syntax (GraphTemp.py, line 2)
Failed to execute (Script).
Failed at Sun Jul 22 16:28:51 2012 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds)

This is the first time I've tried to use Python. So, sorry if this is really basic.

import arcpy

# Set local variables:
output_graph_name = "VerticalLineGraph"
verticalLineGraph_bmp = "C:/temp/VerticalLineGraph.bmp"
inputTemplate = "C:\GIS\GwinnettStormDrainage\ConduitModel\GraphOfConduitVertexPoints.grf"
inputData = "C:\GIS\GwinnettStormDrainage\TestData\PointFiles\2304296.shp"

# Create the graph
graph = arcpy.Graph()

# Add vertical line series to the graph

addSeriesLineVertical (inputData, "Invert", "Distance", Asc)
addSeriesLineVertical (inputData, "Crown", "Distance", Asc)
addSeriesLineVertical (inputData, "GrElev", "Distance", Asc)

# Specify the title of the left axis
graph.graphAxis[0] = "Elevation"

# Specify the title of the bottom axis
graph.graphAxis[2] = "Distance"

# Specify the title of the Graph
graph.graphPropsGeneral.title = "Facility ID"

# Output a graph, which is created in-memory
arcpy.MakeGraph_management(inputTemplate, graph, output_graph_name)

# Save the graph as an image
arcpy.SaveGraph_management(output_graph_name, verticalBarGraph_bmp, "MAINTAIN_ASPECT_RATIO", "600", "375")


Nick Jones