Variogram analysis

Discussion created by harpssi on Jul 19, 2012
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I have some questions relating to kriging that I???m hoping you might help me with??

I want to redesign my groundwater level monitoring network using the kriging standard error as the criterion for optimising my design.  There are many journal articles to help guide me in my work.  However few comment on the assumptions and limitations behind the methods used.  My questions relate to variogram analysis and defining an appropriate spatial structure for my redesign.

Groundwater levels in Hawke???s Bay fluctuate seasonally and possess a long-term decline, therefore the spatial structure or variogram model must change accordingly.  As such, how can I produce a valid variogram model for my redesign if the model parameters are not static? (I.e. change with time). Is this just part of the limitation of the method? Or is there another way to combat the temporal component of the data?

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