How to implement Camera intent via popup?

Discussion created by Android1 on Jul 16, 2012

I'm currently trying to get the Add Attachment button working as it is presented here.
At the moment, using only the "Popup In Web Map For Editing Sample", the application doesn't show the option of taking a picture or select a photo, but goes directly into the gallery to select a picture.

I want to show the options, just like in the link showed above. I thought it would be a permission problem but I've got everything needed to be able to take a picture or handle an intent within the application. 

ESRI Arcgis application on the android market has this functionality working on the same phone I am testing the sample, so it cannot come from the fact that there is a problem accessing the camera.

I think that the "issue" might be in the onAddAttachment() method of PopupEditingListener interface implementation, as it only takes cares of the gallery.
I wanted to add the code to handle the Camera intent but, as per the link above :

"Popups make it very easy to edit media attachments for a graphic. Users can attach photos and videos to graphics either by choosing an existing item from the device's photo gallery or by using the device's camera, if one is available. You do not need to write any code to implement this functionality, it is provided by the PopupContainer."

Ok, but where?

Thanks for your input!