Shape and Graph Network layers not working together in rules

Discussion created by trubkat on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2013 by MBuehler-esristaff

I'm trying to recreate a local government area using a road network dataset and property boundary (cadastral) dataset, both in Shapefile format. I have imported the two datasets into a City Engine project and managed to extrude 3D shapes and color them according to their land use. All good so far.

I'm trying to use code from Tutorial #8: Part 3, which has to do with mass modeling and adapting parcels with setbacks. Below is a snippet of the code provided in the tutorial.

attr height =
    case geometry.area > 1000: rand(50,200)
    else: rand(20,50)

attr distanceStreet =
    20% : 0
    else : rand(3,6)

Lot --> Parcel
LotInner --> OpenSpace

Parcel -->
        { streetSide: OpenSpace
        | remainder: Footprint }

Footprint --> extrude(height)

OpenSpace --> color("#77ff77")

My problem is that changing the distanceStreet parameter has absolutely no effect. Later when I adapt the code to take into account setback(distanceBuildings) the buildings are resized with the same distance to each side of the property. I think the issue is that in my project, the cadastre (Shape layer) is separate from the road network (Graph Network) layer - the properties do not exist in the "blocks" sublayer of the network as in the tutorial.

Do anyone know how I can merge my property data with the Graph Network dataset, or know exactly the cause of the issue that I'm having?

Many thanks!