Attribute query performance with indexing on SDE dataset

Discussion created by ginomellino on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by jamesfreddyc

I have a layer with 3mil+ polygon features of fairly simply geometry which I need to perform attribute queries on using a custom application I am developing. The layer sits within an SDE and I need to attempt to improve performance as currently the query can take a while to run. My question is two fold: If I index the search field on this layer is that index stored locally on the machine accessing the SDE? And further, if this is true, when the dataset gets updated (I think it is weekly) will I be notified that it needs to be re-indexed somehow or will I need to re-index at regular intervals?

Any other performance hints and tips anyone can give me will be well appreciated too. I am using VB.Net and ArcGIS 10.

Thanks in advance.