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Upgrading to Version 2.3 of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Question asked by s26761 on Jul 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by s26761

After upgrading to version 2.3, the help documentation doesn't seem to be upgraded as well in XCode. Anything else needs to be done for this to happen?

Also, I'm trying to configure the popup to allow for editing using the new approach as follows: (previous approach via AGSPopupInfo)

    // Show popup for graphic because user tapped on callout accessory button
    self.popupVC = [[AGSPopupsContainerViewController alloc] initWithPopupInfo:info graphic:graphic usingNavigationControllerStack:NO];
    self.popupVC.currentPopup.allowEdit = YES;

But it doesn't seem to work - Popup shows but doesn't allow editing! Any idea where's the problem?


Ong CF