html popup-customisation with frame

Discussion created by gertrud17 on Jul 6, 2012
with a collegue we had a look on the html pop-up subject.
I see the pop-up option as a suitable replacement for an direct link between GIS and database, which to realize seems rather

But I'd like to present the information in a popoup-window of the same size for all objects, independant from
the amount of contained information in the table. At present the pop-up window differs in size each time I click an object
in the map

Found a hint to the 'iframe'-tag. During a first attempt to apply this it did not work. I noticed that the .xsl structure in
the example code from the web looks different to the code in the popupcss.xsl from 9.3. So I'm not sure about the right place
for that iframe-tag and if it works at all.

Can anybody help in that situation or knows a better, easy accessible solution ?