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How do I CreateArcSDEConnectionFile in_memory?

Question asked by adamkerz on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by rcoodey
I'm using ArcGis10 with Python and trying to create a connection file in memory with CreateArcSDEConnectionFile_management.

Specifying 'in_memory' for the out_folder_path parameter gives me this error message:
ERROR 000732: ArcSDE Connection File Location: Dataset in_memory does not exist or is not supported

and leaving it blank gives:
ERROR 000735: ArcSDE Connection File Location: Value is required

The help file states that it is possible - but it's in a bit of an obscure location:
ArcGIS10 Help -> Professional Library -> Geoprocessing -> The ArcPy site package -> Mapping module -> Classes -> MapDocument, 3rd paragraph from the end of the Discussion section

"Second, the CreateArcSDEConnectionFile geoprocessing function allows you to create a connection that persists in memory."

How do I do so?