call to Geometry service returns html even after using ?f=json

Discussion created by ccabanero on May 13, 2010
Latest reply on May 13, 2010 by ccabanero

I'm performing an 'AreasAndLength' operation against an ESRI geometry service and want to see the response formatted in json.  However, whenever doing [rest url here]&?f=json the response is always formatted as html.

For example:[{'rings': [[[2124586.525552436,391037.26363193575], [2126294.593020078,389495.2888095455], [2123363.0568797104,388880.5146625222], [2124586.525552436,391037.26363193575]]]}]&?f=json

Anyone know if this is a problem with the geometry service or does anyone see an error in my REST call?

Thank you