How to combine raster attributes within a vector data (shape file)?

Discussion created by coelho85 on Jul 3, 2012

My task seems quite simple but as I am a beginner with ArcGis, I face some problems here.

I have the whole buildings from the city of Berlin in a shape file, which does not contain, for example, the attribute year of construction.
So, I was asked to insert this information for all the buildings. Therefore, I got a WMS map designed with colors for all the blocks of buildings.
Each color represents a different year of construction.
So, I think I proceed in the right direction:
- convert the WMS into a image file GEO tiff with the same reference system as my shape file;
- created training areas using the image classification tool,
- maximum likelihood classification to spread the training areas through all the map;
- zonal statistics tool (available for Spatial Analyst Tool) which created a raster file and it seems that each building received
one value for the corresponding color.

But now, how can I exactly insert the corresponding color value (or year of construction) inside my previous shape file?
I mean, how to connect the resulting raster data with the input shape file and set for each building a new attribute column?

Furthermore, Do u think I made it correctly untill now?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Best regards,
Felipe Costa