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Create buffer of a complete feature class in memory

Question asked by geo_hecsanmol on Jul 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2012 by geo_hecsanmol
Hello, I am beginning to programs with and c# and of arcobjects do not belong almost anything.

I have created the buffer but creating a new featureclass, with the object itopologicaloperator:

'duplicate featureclass
featureClass2 = fws.CreateFeatureClass("buffer_", _
                                                                        featureClass.Fields, _
                                                                        featureClass.CLSID, _
                                                                        featureClass.EXTCLSID, _
                                                                        featureClass.FeatureType, _
                                                                        featureClass.ShapeFieldName, "")

            'create cursor
            Dim cursor As IFeatureCursor
            cursor = edificios.Search(Nothing, False)
            Dim feature, feature2 As IFeature

                    'duplicate each registry
                    feature2 = featureClass2.CreateFeature()

                    Dim j As Integer
                    For j = 0 To featureClass2.Fields.FieldCount - 1
                        If feature.Fields.Field(j).Editable Then
                            feature2.Value(j) = feature.Value(j)
                        End If

                    'buffer to duplicate registry
                    Dim bufferTool As ITopologicalOperator
                    bufferTool = feature2.Shape

                    feature2.Shape = bufferTool.Buffer(Form1._buffer)                   
                    feature = cursor.NextFeature

there is way of doing it in memory?? (without duplicate featureclass)

I tried it with an ipolygonlist but I have not been capable.

thanks a lot.