Specific Delete operation according to user's accessibilities options

Discussion created by khosrojerdi on Jun 30, 2012
Hi guys.
I'm new here.
I use ArcObjects via C#.NET 2008 and use SDE for Oracle 11g.
I write tools and commands for ArcGIS Desktop 9.3

I've written a specific delete operation which in that every user can just delete some specific features in some specific regions that has access to delete them. I've already have Event Listener and when user presses "Delete" key in keyboard my OnDeleteFeature will be call. When user starts Editor and Select some features on the map and press "Delete" key I wanna check the user's delete access on selected features and just delete those features that user has access to delete them.

First I wanna know, has anybody ever done the same thing??
Second, whats the best approach and work-through to do it??

Let me say an easier state:
As a user, I start Editor, and Select 3 features on the map (from 3 different Feature classes) then I press the "Delete Key" on the keyboard. I just wanna delete 2 of 3 features, what should I do??? Does anybody have work-through for this??

Any help and suggestion will be appreciated!