Error when Importign XML to PGDB

Discussion created by alhi0001 on Jun 17, 2012
Hi Dears,

I am having a XML file which I want to import to PGDB format using the "Import XML Workspace Document" function in ArcCatalgo. But the importing function is producing the error "Import xml data failed, FDO error: -2147186428 [XML parse error: Illegal xml character.....". The xml file is attached. This file is containing the data for two polygons which some of their attributes are in Arabic text and this what I believe is causing the error. However, when I opened the xml file in Visual Studio and just save it without changing anything, the file could imported in ArcCatalog with no errors. Is there anything which I can add to or modify in my xml file so it can be imported successfully? I am generating this xml from AutoCAD drawing using a custom built extension in AutoCAD.

I highly appreciate any help on this issue.

Thanks a lot