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Shape File shows in TOC but not on map

Question asked by psukardi on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by psukardi
I currently have an ArcToc Control and an ArcMap Control.  Where I'm attempting to create a shapefile , have it saved (to disk) , display on the Table-Of-Contents and also on the Map.

Currently, the Line/Polyline/Polygon/Ellipse all are created as proper shape files. They are also added to my TOC Control and show the name - the linestyle and I can properly view the properties (thickness/color/etc).  However, they do not show up on the map initially.

If I go to the TOC and change the line thickness from the default (1) to any higher number it shows.If I change the line style from solid to Dashes , zoom in and zoom out it also shows.

Any idea why this is happening?