Creating evaluation units from segmented stream buffers

Discussion created by bmnoorde on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by ttruong

My task is to ensure that 75% of a stream length is 'vegetated' to 30m. I am trying to follow a work flow that suggests segmenting a stream every 100m and then use Euclidean allocation to create various buffers. By segmenting and then buffering the stream I will then have 'evaluation units' that can be used to manipulate land cover. My question is, using python, how could I divide the stream segments of a shapefile into subsegments every 100m, having these sub-segments maintain a link to their original full stream segment. Once I have these subsegments, can a Euclidean allocation function be easily applied to attain evaluation units that maintain information about adjacent evaluation units? Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated :)