Simple VBScript Label Expression for labelling Highway names on a map

Discussion created by yiuklh on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by pscipione
What is the VBScript Label Expression for labelling Highway names - the numerical text only (which is usually the last one to three digits of a road name) in ArcGIS 10?

For example, I want to label "Highway 404", or "Highway 1" on a map, but want to label them with an oval symbol with the highway number on it.

Because I found the convert labels to annotation is not efficient if you have so many roads on a map (Like it is not efficient if I have to change the highway names one-by-one).

Note: I don't have solid knowledge in programming codes, and therefore, need some help that would enhance my cartography workflow in school work.
So what I know is very limited, like I only know how to use the label expressions of UCase([Name]), or LCase([Name]).