Converting returned DD values to UTM

Discussion created by nnolson08 on Jun 5, 2012
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I am working with a data set that is in UTM projection and I am retrieving Lat/Long values from my database. I am wanting to use the returned values to clip the input dataset by the extent but I need to convert the returned values to UTM first.  Is there any conversion functions in arcpy that can take a input variable (MinX, MinY, MaxX, MaxY) or a calculation that I can include in my script to make the conversion? I have not had much luck looking in the forum.

I see an arcpy.ConvertCoordinateNotation_management function but it looks like I may have to write the values to a file. Is that the best way?

Thanks for any input you may have.

e.g. My returned values
-92.675391604123291 42.271719081848012 -92.670545464422318 42.275377107963074